Website Terms & Conditions

The services on this website are provided so our cardholders can access account information online. Cardholders and any other persons accessing this website are subject to these terms and conditions for use of the site and it’s services.

Access to the website
To use this website you will need an Internet-ready device equipped with Internet Explorer® Mobile, Firefox® for mobile, Safari® for iPhone, or Chrome® for mobile . Your browser must also support 128-bit encryption and be JavaScript™ enabled. You will be able to access your account information on the website only if you have signed up for the service. To ensure successful Log In, all the information you provide to us must be accurate, complete and current. By submitting the Log In information, you are authorizing us to verify any of the information you provide.

Account Information
determines what information you will be able to access through this website. The account information is not intended to replace the regular statement you receive by mail or other means. You must refer to your full credit card statement for important information about your rights and obligations.

You are responsible for ensuring timely payment of all bills and for the method used to make your payments.

Although we use stringent security measures and take all reasonable steps to protect your account and other personal information, the Internet is a public network, and we cannot guarantee that any information transmitted or transactions conducted via the Internet are absolutely secure or that a third party will not be able to access or intercept any information.

We do not tolerate fraud and reserve the right to take all reasonable measures to detect and prevent it. For security purposes, we may view, monitor, and record activity on this website without notice or permission from you. Any information obtained by monitoring, viewing or recording may be subject to review by law enforcement organizations in connection with investigation or prosecution of possible criminal activity on the website. We will also comply with all court orders involving requests for such information. Actual or attempted fraud or other unauthorized use of the website may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution and immediate termination of your right to use this website.